Mangosteen -

The Farm

Royal Tropics 100% natural health products originate from our beautiful farm, located near the town of Wan Nam Keo, 3 hours North East of Bangkok. This area of Thailand is also known as the Korat Plateau and at an elevation of some 600 meters; it creates the perfect climatic conditions to grow Papaya, Noni, Mangosteen, and Passion fruit.


Mangosteen Factory

The Royal Tropics processing of IQF Mangosteen is done under GMP Certified, HACCP Certified, and ISO 9001:2000.


Mangosteen - Queen of The Fruits

Royal Tropics 100 % Natural Mangosteen - No Additives

Royal Tropics are proud to present their amazing new product, Chillyfruits Frozen Mangosteen. This delicious tropical fruit is grown naturally in Thailand as it has been for generations and is the countryís national fruit. Mangosteen reaches mythical heights in Thailand, being given the nickname of the "Queen of the Fruits" and is even known in the French Caribbean as the "Fruit of the Gods".

Local Thai farmers, as their fathers before them, lovingly care for the Mangosteen fruit tree and once ripe, pick them from the trees. The fruit is then, immediately taken to our production plant. Here it is carefully peeled and immediately frozen, utilizing the instant quick freeze (IQF) method. No additives, preservatives, sugar or any form of additional element is added to the fruit and it arrives to you, as a frozen natural product.

Chillyfruits Mangosteen is a succulent, sweet, tasty product ideal for children and adults alike. Once removed from the freezer, the Mangosteen thaws, ready to eat within 20 minutes, depending on local temperature. This juicy fruit literally melts in your mouth ! Itís sweet taste, not only quenching your thirst, but leaving you craving for more ! It is easy to see why the Thai people have revered this most regal of fruits, holding it in high esteem for generations to enjoy.

Mangosteen can be used to make mouth watering fruit smoothies, fruit drinks, eaten on its own, added to ice cream, and even mixed with ice cream to make delicious fruity flavors. As if that was not enough, it also makes the ideal barbecue desert, on that warm summerís day ! Whitish in color, soft, tender and succulent, Royal Tropics Frozen Mangosteen is an ideal addition to any lunch or dinner table. In fact you may find itís so popular with the kids, they might just be calling for Mangosteen for breakfast ! It can of course be added to any breakfast cereal or eaten on its own, or with a small amount of fresh water. Whatever the occasion Chilly fruits Frozen Mangosteen will make a marvelous addition to any dinner table. Watch your guests as this tropical fruit brings a smile to any persons face and often becomes the talk of the table !

Often what you eat tells people something about who you are and Mangosteen is no exception. Considered chic by many, it will certainly not be out of place in any fashionable restaurant or fine hotel eatery; With Chillyfruit Mangosteenís quick thaw time and simple preparation, it is the ideal restaurant desert, providing a tropical taste that simply melts in your mouth !

There is a small pip or seed stone in the middle, which many people crunch up and eat. In the case of young children however if you prefer like other fruits such as pears, peaches or plums, one can literally suck the fruit straight from the stone, discarding whatís left. Smiling Thai children have done so for a thousand years !

Mangosteen is known as The Queen of The Fruits in topical climes and not without good reason. This delicious, sweet tasting fruit is so soft it almost dissolves in your mouth and certainly deserves its elevated reputation as the most majestic of fruits.

IQF Mangosteen is just one of a new range of delicious tropical fruits brought to you naturally by the Royal Tropics people. All the way from Thailand ! The Royal Tropics farm is managed by local Thai farmers with much needed monies going back into the local community. All aspects of the growth and eventual freezing of their natural fruits are monitored closely by experts. Each step of the process is overseen to assure only the very best methods of production are used and the finest fruits delivered.

If you have any questions, or simply would like to place an order, please donít hesitate to contact us. Try a taste of the tropics by simply popping one in your mouth, closing your eyes and let yourself drift off to a land of smiles, Buddhism, coconut trees and endless sunshine!